Spontaneous Solo Slovenja Weekend

The majority of my weekend on the Slovenian coat was spent walking from town to town along the busy shoreline.  Stretching just 40 kilometres, Slovenia’s coastline is basically a long line of ports so close together they could easily connect … Continue reading

New Species of Dolphin Found in Australia

Article from National Geographic: New Species of Dolphin Found in Australia These funny-looking, recently discovered dolphins, remind me of Jop, my adopted dolphin from Veli Losinj: Left:  Jop, the deformed bottle-nose dolphin swimming with other bottle-nose dolphin near Losinj, Croatia … Continue reading

My 20th Birthday

Unfortunately my birthday was not the dolphin filled day I had expected.  As it was the leaving day of the program , it was not a working day and even if it had been the broken camera would’ve prevented us … Continue reading

We found Bojan

We didn’t hear anything more about Bojan, the harpooned dolphin, until after 11 the next morning, when we were out at sea.  Blue World had released a press release and the researchers had called every fisherman they knew in the … Continue reading