Australian Slang that should never leave the country

I’ve collected a list of Australian slang words to avoid when travelling through Europe.  All words have been learnt from very awkward personal experiences: Mozzies/Sunnies Or pretty much any word we’ve shortened and added ‘ies’ to the end of… which … Continue reading

Day trip to Cesky Krumlov

 While in Prague, I took a day trip with my cousin to the picturesque old town of Cesky Krumlov.  Much of the town has not changed since the 18th century and as we wandered around it felt as if we … Continue reading

Habits de Lumiene: Lights and lots and lots of Champagne

Avenue du Champagne illuminated with light displays of various sorts for the Friday and Saturday night of the weekend-long Habits de Lumiere festival in Epernay.  As you strolled down the avenue champagne houses on either side flaunted stunning light displays. … Continue reading

Spontaneous Solo Slovenja Weekend: Slovenian Cuisine

I love trying the local cuisine when I visit new countries, especially the things I could never find back home in Australia.  Being as picky as I am when it comes to meats (I am not the biggest fan of … Continue reading

Apfelstrudel gebacken (Apple Strudel Baking)

My chef du jour of a flatmate, Daniel, had a strudel making extravaganza one rainy afternoon. I often come home to him cooking up a storm and tease him about his traditionally Austrian, gourmet concoctions; looking on with green eyes … Continue reading

Morning at the markets

This morning I visited the Kaiser-Josef-Markt farmers markets to stock up my kitchen with fresh Styrian produce, of which I had heard so many good things about!  Styria, the province of Austria in which Graz lies (Die Steiermark as it … Continue reading

Vienna Stopover

A small little plane with less than 100 seats flew us the 50 minute flight from Zagreb to Vienna.  An entire Austrian handball team squeezed themselves into the tiny seats.  When I first heard of the sport in a conversation with the researchers in Veli, the name ‘handball’ had me picturing a pathetic non-contact pussy sport.  I was quickly corrected, told it could in fact be quite brutal and judging by the size of these guys, I imagine it could be.  As nice as they were to look at, the gentle movements of the plane travelling through the sky and the consistent hum of the jets, soon sent me to sleep, as they always do.  As soon as I’d closed my eyes, we had landed.

I stayed the night in a shared female dorm in Meininger, a large modern hostel.  The clean modern rooms and elevator gave it more of a hotel feel, but the foyer and games room decor had the friendliness and playfulness of a hostel.  There were only 4 of us in the spacious 6 bed room.  All of whom were asleep by the time I returned from dinner so I had a peaceful undisturbed sleep. There was a Spanish woman with poor English, who after multiple attempts to understand each other we decided it was better not to even try; a young girl from Singapore, who had just graduated from a university in London and was on her way to meet friends in Venice; and an asian girl who slept the entire time I was in the room.

IMG_1641 IMG_1642

Shared Female Dorm

When I arrive the room was empty so after claiming a bottom bunk I made my way down to the foyer, café and games room area back near reception.  There weren’t many hanging around downstairs so with a Corona in hand I sat and updated the blog in peace, then headed out to find some dinner.  The hotel was situated round the corner from Keplerplatz, a main shopping strip.  It didn’t take me long to find a nice little Japanese restaurant, Akakimi.  I struggled to understand the German menu but made out ‘spicy vegetables’ – just my kind of dish.  It was delicious and the sweet multilingual staff surprised me with a little schokoladekuchen (chocolate cake) and melon.

IMG_1644 IMG_1645

My Japanese dinner in Austria

The €6 buffet breakfast offered by the hostel was well worth it, with breakfast options to please anyone.  Cold meats, cheese, breads, spreads, tea, coffee, chocolate milk, cereal and my personal breakfast staples muesli, yogurt and fruits (unfortunately from a tin but then again it was only €6).  Just what I needed before I set off to catch my train to Venice.


Breakfast Buffet

My 20th Birthday

Unfortunately my birthday was not the dolphin filled day I had expected.  As it was the leaving day of the program , it was not a working day and even if it had been the broken camera would’ve prevented us … Continue reading