A sunless Sunday hike

The call of the unworn track led me off the main path, as it always does when I hike alone. Poor Bolli, being the loyal dog she is, blindly followed me who-knows-where into the Ellis Brook Valley Reserve.


The lure of a steep rocky face had us clambering up on our hands and knees to a view that was well worth the trouble. 


We came across a quarry, not in action as it was a Sunday. I led Bolli astray down the many dead end tracks until I realised we were on private property… Oops


Poor Bolli was getting so thirsty she lapped up muddy water trapped in the tyre tracks.Kangaroos crossed our path and black cockatoos flew overhead. 

I found a dried creek track leading us down once side of the valley and back up the opposite hill. We had finally found our way back into the main tracks!


There were funny shoe brushing stations scattered around the tracks to prevent the spread of a bacteria found in the area that kills the vegetation. 


We walked into another quarry. This one unused and on public property! We decided to stick to the dedicated paths from here out.


After our 3 hour misadventure we took the 60 Foot Falls trail. There was no water of course, except for the sprinkles coming from the grey sky above. But no waterfalls.
Bolli climbed the rocks with ease. For a big dog she very agile and surprisingly aware. She would only go as close to the edge as she knew she could, never once tripping or falling or getting close enough to make me panic.


We came across two husky puppies just 12 weeks old. Ellis Brook Valley is one of the few hiking spots in Perth where you can walk your dogs off lead. It was the perfect way to beat the blues on a grey day.



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