On the road to dolphins

Our roadtrip to Monkey Mia

I watched the dark shadow coming closer and closer as I stood knee deep in the shallows. The almost full moon lit up the calm waters of the bay. I could see clearly the dark shape approaching. I felt my heart beating fast in my chest. The dolphin glided swiftly and gracefully in front of me, within an arms reach from my legs. As he passed he rolled over to his side to get a good look at me with his right eye. This was my first dolphin experience of the trip.
He came up for a breath then darted back past me, back down the beach where he had just come from. It wasn’t long before his friend came by to check us out too, popping his head out of the water as he passed.

Luca and I had arrived at Monkey Mia that evening. We sent up our tent and enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner at the surprisingly delicious and reasonably priced restaurant. Then we had wandered down to the beach in the dark where from a distance we heard the sound of dolphin blowholes. I tapped the surface of the water as I had read that is how to attract the dolphins in ‘The remarkable dolphins of Monkey Mia’. It worked! That is when the dolphins decided to come and check us out. It was a special introduction to the friendly and interactive dolphins of Monkey Mia. I felt like I didn’t even need to go to the next morning’s feeding with the hordes of other visitors , I had my very own wonderful and private experience with the dolphins right then, under the moonlight.

We had broken up the almost 10 hour drive up to Monkey Mia by stopping for our first night in Lancelin. Luca had picked me up straight from work to give us a head start on the trip. 

As soon as the clock hit 5pm I was out the door and we made it to our first destination before sunset. We ate dinner in the beer garden of Lancelin pub where you can watch the sun hit the ocean at the end of the day.  

We spent the night at the North End Caravan Park and in the morning walked just 100m to end of the park and up to the lookout.   

We ate our breakfast with a view of the ocean and the island on one side and the clean white sand dunes on the other.  

Then we started the drive north. The further north we drove the higher the temperature rose. We watched the dirt on the side of the road change from brown to a vivid red.  

It was late afternoon when we turned onto the isolated peninsula where Monkey Mia lies. We passed only 3 other cars on the 150km journey to Denham, the main town on the peninsula.  

We saw plenty more emus as we passed out of town! A single father emu was leading at least ten chicks along the side of the road. In true Team Georgia Luca fashion, we made it to Monkey Mia in time to enjoy the sunset!  



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